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See The World Through Child's Eyes

While this is in essence a Paragliding Website, it is also a reflection of my inner world, and so, even though this is not a book about Paragliding, it is indeed a great way of conveying my message to all that cross paths with me along our shared journey together.


This is a powerful tool and a very special gift that was born through me and it can truly help better understand in a deeper sense the way I love presenting the Flight experience beyond the skies.

I believe these bridges we call words can help connect our worlds through a shared common ground, a heart inspired vision, of a world of infinite possibilities.

Writing is often one of my safe havens, where I feel free to express my heart in the most vulnerable way possible, and in this way, merge my world together with yours.

Art and Flying combined through Words and Emotions.

Let's go together.

Book Overview

The journey through our emotional inner longings, while meeting ourselves in a deeper way.

It's truly undeniable that our lives are a reflection of what we believe in, and what we feel deep inside.


And because words can easily become places, I would love to share some of the scenic emotional transitions, of some of my deepest life-changing decisions, some metaphors and some real life knowledge, that later became wisdom to myself.
To help better decide on how to act in many different life scenarios, in different stages of our human evolution.

Born from a love seedling that blossomed from the depths of me, urging to breathe, it incubated into physical form at its own inner rhythm.
May these bridges we call words bring you the comfort your soul longs for, let their beat carry you back to your innate wholeness, one that your heart knows so well.

They will guide you gently into a silent awakening, to a deeper truth, to a much more meaningful life experience, every time you are open enough to receive it.

In the deep knowing that it no longer belongs to me, I open my hands and set it free, so that it can become all that it can be, to all those who might feel the calling to, more than read it, fully experience it.

May my loving embrace, in every word, gently guide you back home.

All book formats available

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