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Between North and South

Updated: 21 hours ago

Paragliding tandem flight in Porto da Cruz Madeira Island

Some days are presents, while others, gifts.

It's truly undeniable that while we show up daily to the best of our abilities to our chosen present life path, we get beautifully surprised by unexpected gifts, that when truly felt, expand well beyond the place where they happened.

A Paragliding Flight for me is always a mystical portal to another dimension, when all time stops and where everything becomes possible, within every heart that is open enough to fully experience it.

Sometimes Human connection gives me that exact same sense of eternity within a shared emotional moment together.

When two or more hearts resonate together, there is always a glimpse of infinity in a moment that transcends the time and space where the interaction is happening.

To our wildest dreams and beyond, there's always a new unexplored way, that takes us on a journey, to a new born world inside, filled with infinite possibilities 🙏💖✨

Paragliding at the North Coast of Madeira Island – always a timeless moment in time

Paragliding at the South Coast of Madeira Island – Transcending time and space

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