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Strings of destiny - A flight brought to life

There is always a deeper meaning underneath every life encounter.

We might not see it or even understand it fully, while it comes to be, however, there is always something greater at play in every life experience.

Our most important life meetings are arranged by our souls, far ahead our physical existence ✨🙌💖

Sometimes we get caught up in our day to day life and confuse who we are with what we are feeling at the moment.

What you see outside is a reflection of your mind..

When you take off, the inner child takes over control and releases all masks and anchors..

All that is left is Truth.

What you truly are emerges, and true happiness is your nature and that is what you see.

That is why Flying is so powerful

This experience allows you to unveil yourself completely, to the core of your being, just by being brave enough to take that first step.

This is why, "what has been seen can't be unseen."

Now you know your true essence.

Be closer to it by surrendering the thoughts of what should be to what is 🙏💖

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