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Timeless life journey Paragliding in Madeira

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Tandem Paragliding in Porto da Cruz - Madeira Island

We are living in a time where every second counts and where every emotion tells a life story.

We are invited now, more than ever, to unveil deeper and deeper feelings of bravery within ourselves, overcoming our old self image, each time we step into a new adventure.

I am truly grateful for another stage of my Human journey, shared with so many amazing beings that cross paths with me along the way.

In a time capsule kind of set, a Paragliding flight changes the tone in which we live our lives, time stops every time we takeoff and we get transported inside, to a better, deeper, and more realistic and brave version of ourselves.

When we leave on the other side of that mystical portal, everything is different and everything is possible.

Something that has been seen can't be unseen, and something that has been lived and deeply felt will forever live within us, reminding us of the power of the Dream 🙌

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