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​A project defined by making your dreams come true..

Welcome aboard.

I'm here to help you feel at ease.

Any question you might have, just send me an WhatsApp message.

Since very young, I have been attracted to the sky, like a huge force field pulling me towards it!
I started practicing air modeling around 8 years old, controlling scale models of airplanes constructed by myself and what a great feeling to get them flying afterwards.

Later on, while flying with a soaring glider on a small mountain where I usually went to practice, here in Madeira Island, I saw a Paraglider flying.
I just kept watching, not even blinking, so that I couldn't loose anything from that wonderful moment!


Needless to say that I attended the first possible course and started Paragliding in Madeira in 2002.

A long path unveiled full of treasures, and from Pilot to Instructor I flew for thousands of hours on dozens of different locations, embarked on some really special adventures and met some really great friends along the way.


Eventually I found that it was possible to share this blessing of being able to fly with other people, (yes because there wasn't any tandems here when I did my course) and got hooked to the feeling of sharing this mystical seed of Flight with everyone that was open to experience it.

Somewhere along the way Paragliding opened up a lot of different doors, from instruction, to guidance, to anything in between, all related to the most free form of Flight..

Until it opened some deep inner doors in me, that allowed me to see further than what a normal flight would allow, the doors of intuition and inner guidance naturally flourished into kind of a subtle and almost silent soundtrack that I do my best to listen, every time.

There is a whole new world to be found in this experience, a mystical portal to another dimension, so I always do my best to extend your flight beyond the skies every time that it is possible.

Paragliding is a life changing experience for all who are open minded enough to embrace it.


It's also a return Home to everyone that has that air element very strong within, and for everyone that feel ready to unleash their childhood dreams.. because,

You can truly Fly

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