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A Life Changing Experience!

You are just one step away..
Paragliding wing

Welcome aboard

These are the spots where we do Paragliding Tandem Flights:


  • Madalena do Mar (Canhas)

  • Porto da Cruz (Maiata and Portela)

Flying at Madalena do Mar in the South Coast of Madeira Island
Paragliding Tandem in Porto da Cruz - North Coast of Madeira Island

The Paragliding Flight duration depends on the weather condition of the day and it's adjusted dynamically for everyone. With an indescribable view and ever expanding emotions you will experience the amazing feeling that "Time stops in the air" 😉

Example of good boots for Paragliding
Example of good shoes for Paragliding

We Recommend:


  • Boots or Trekking like sneakers with good foot support for the runs in takeoff and landing.

  • Light coat and long comfortable trousers because sometimes it's a bit cold in the air.







       -  Example of good shoes



Scheduling the Flight:


  • Send us your preferred days to fly. We schedule according to our availability.

  • We text you the possibility of flying the day before, ideally by WhatsApp, along with location and time of meeting.

  • The flight location is chosen according to the weather conditions.



Paragliding Flight Data:


  • Average flight duration: 15 to 20 minutes (1 hour average for all the process per person)

  • Recommended passenger weights: between 40kg to 85kg;

  • Minimal passenger's age: 16 years old (with parents presence);

  • Maximum age: Depends on the person's condition

  • Insurance included FR00019616AV23A XL Insurance Company SE (AXA group)

  • The Pilot speaks: Portuguese, English, French and Spanish

  • Unless the passenger asks not to, the flight images and videos can be shared in our social media

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