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CrossFit a reminder and a tribute

CrossFit workout combo

Life has its own ways of showing us our path.

Sometimes we get transformed from the inside out by a single step of faith in the right direction.

Some things are bigger than any word could ever describe, the feeling we get from overcoming our own minds, and just showing up to the best of our abilities, is just mesmerizing.

The path to our inner transformation is carved slowly, like a scenic view that unveils from within, like a delicious aromatic soup recipe being made..

We can only know the true finished flavor at the end of the process.

And to have the best possible results, we need to get the right amount of each ingredient in, and be prepared to be blown away by our senses.

In CrossFit, like in life, every workout is a step in the direction of a carved self image.

That not only feels great, also makes us reach unthinkable new heights, from the power unveiled from deep within. ✨🙏

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