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I Believe

I Believe - a movie about people and purpose - Paragliding in Madeira as a vessel

I truly believe in the sense of purpose.

It's what gives life its meaning.

It's like having a direction in our inner compass that shows us the way to go, every time we stop and wonder.

Not something that we pursue outside, rather something we find ourselves whole while doing it.

When we find our place, by finding our soul replenishing in the timeless co-created moments, we finally come back home.

And in that Journey we take other people along with us, people that are open-minded enough and heart centered to the point that they can feel every step of the way.

From that place we get a deeper emotion, a deeper realization in our own path.

This feeling can be metaphorically seen in the rain falling from the sky, which would be pointless, if it didn't have the purpose of growing life back.

And we can all help turn the light back on and life grow to its original state, by being a part of the circle that gave birth to us in the first place..

Human connection, through the heart.

This is my way of seeing it and I love that perspective about it.

What does it make you feel?


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